Are you a spendthrift?

A spendthrift is someone who spends a lot--and I mean A LOT. Some people are like them, and others are smarter when it comes to money matters. But how much of a spendthrift are you anyway?

Do you buy everthing just because you want it? Do you spend too much? Do you spend too little? Take this quiz and find out! We all have our weak spots, so try this quiz and see if spending is one of yours!

Created by: Reha Iranu

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  1. On average, about how much money do you think you spend per week?
  2. You are saving up for an iPod (or whatever other gadget you want). But one day, as you pass a store in the mall you see a new movie that looks really good...and costs $29.00. Do you buy it?
  3. Do you THINK you're a spendthrift?
  4. How do you choose what to buy?
  5. Are you smart with money?
  6. Do you ever save up for things?
  7. How often do you go shopping?
  8. Do commercials have an effect on what you buy?
  9. Do you usually buy from catalogs/magazines or go to stores? (no effect)
  10. What do you usually spend money on? (no effect again)

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Quiz topic: Am I a spendthrift?