Can I Make Money on HubPages?

Every day, millions of people Google the question "can I make money on Hubpages????" and every day those millions are disappointed with the vague answers they receive. That's because it is against HubPages' terms of use to talk about how much you make. But now you can precisely calculate your chances of making money on HubPages with this stupid quiz!

Do you fancy yourself a writer? Do you simply have a lot of spare time that you usually spend dicking around online? If so, HubPages is calling you, but only a select few will ever make any money.

Created by: nooneyouknow
  1. Dos this centance has any errers?
  2. Do you have any hobbies besides surfing the internet?
  3. Do you have any areas of special expertise?
  4. Did you attend university or college?
  5. Which article gets more traffic and money, "Easy Brownie Recipe" or "Digital Logic Applications of Truth Tables"?
  6. What is the best use of HubPages forums?
  7. Do you vote in the Hubbie Awards?
  8. What should you do if you get writer's block in the middle of writing an article?
  9. Do you know what niche sites are and do you care if your articles get selected for them?
  10. If I can't figure out how something works on HubPages or am having technical trouble I...
  11. Who is the best person to ask for help?
  12. Where is the best place to get images for articles?
  13. Besides images and text, what else do HubPages articles need to have?
  14. Which of the following do you agree with more?
  15. How do you use Pinterest/Flipboard

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