How smart with money are you

There are many smart people, when it comes to money. You could be one of them. It all depends on if you can answer these questions correctly. Who knows maybe you are smarter than anybody when it comes to money.

You probably are good at being able to be smart with money. You might be rich. I don't know. This might have helped you. If it didn't just remember try to stay on budget!

Created by: Jianna

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  1. would you spend more money on getting a new coffee maker or presents for your kids for Christmas.
  2. Do you use a nightlight, or keep a light on in the house about 24/7
  3. would you rather- be home for Christmas but have to make 30 gigantic meals a day with appetizers and desert for 15 days (be warned this will cost a ton of money).Or go on vacation for 3 days in Bahamas.
  4. pick a letter this will determine what you think about money.
  5. pick a number
  6. which word(s)(not all are real) describes money
  7. If you won the lottery and had 1 million dollars what would you do first?
  8. If somebody mugged you would you _____
  9. what job would you chose
  10. if you were trying to win a bet you were not so sure you could win (you still believe you can though). How much money would you bet?

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