How smart are you with money

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The are many people in this world many are genius.But not everybody is smart in money,why don't you become the smartest,try these on and know how smart you are interms of money

If you think you are smart in money try these quze and know how smart you are.At first you could just used words to say you are smart in money now try these on to confrme that you really are a genius

Created by: kj

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  1. What do u do with you extra income
  2. What is ur view of money
  3. What do u do if a friend refuse to pay u back
  4. what do u do if a friend wants to borrow from u
  5. how do u manage ur money
  6. how are u graded when u play game of which money needs to be earned for continuity
  7. What do u do when faced with a decision to make concerning money
  8. what do u do when money is left in ur hands
  9. what do u do when given a little bit difficulttask to do and gain extra cash
  10. what feeling to u have for money

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Quiz topic: How smart am I with money