The T. Money Part 1 Quiz

There Are Smart People Out There, But I'm Not One Of Them! This is One Of Those Things To See If You Know Some Things I Know You Probaly Don't So Take This Test And find Out If You Are Smarter Than Big T.

ARE YOU A GENIUS? Take this test to find out its just some things I Know: Do you have the prestigious know how To Become Champ. You wont win the belt but by now you know you can't beat me and by no means am I a genuis.

Created by: Terry

  1. What Was Donald Duck's Middle Name?
  2. What Is The Nickname For The United States Naval Academy?
  3. What City Is In The Middle Of Ohio?
  4. What City Was Clubber Lang (From Rocky 3) Was From
  5. Which Of The Following Super Heroes Was Not A X-Men?
  6. Wat Number Was The Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. John F. Kennedy?
  7. Which Is Not Part Of New York City?
  8. Which Team Has Blue In Their Team Colors?
  9. Which Of The Following Names Was Not A Contestant On The Flavor Of Love?
  10. In The Suite Life Of Zach And Cody What Was The Name Of The Hotel?
  11. Which Of The Following Is Not A Rivary Game
  12. What Was The Name Of The Factory The George Lopez (The George Lopez Show) Worked In?

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