Are You a New Yorker?

Are you a New Yorker? You might think you know a lot about New York CITY, but are you a true-blue, genuine New Yorker? Take this little quiz and see what you know about The Empire State. No cheating, no wikipedia! Try your best by using what you know.

New York, like any state, has it own little idiosyncrasies and quirks. Some are well-known, others not. Try this quiz and see how much you know about the Empire State. No cheating, no wikipedia! Try your best by using what you know.

Created by: Mrs Mecomber of New York Traveler
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  1. When you hear the latest weather report calling for 12 inches of snow or more, what is the first thing you think of?
  2. Name the missing NY season: winter, spring, ______, fall.
  3. Near what city is the small hamlet of Memphis?
  4. What Upstate city is also known as "Sin City"?
  5. What village in New York has a name that means "town of friendship" but was depicted as the place of horror in a best-selling novel and movie?
  6. Alexis de Toqueville wrote an essay about his expedition of searching for a man and his wife who had fled their native country for life on an idyllic island on Oneida Lake. What is the name of this island?
  7. What is the smallest city in New York State?
  8. What do you call that stringy stuff that goes with meatballs and sauce?
  9. You are going on a trip, from Cheektowaga to Liverpool. What route do you take?
  10. People from what county are referred to by people from Rochacha as "315-ers"?
  11. "Which of the following presidents was born in New York State?"
  12. What was known as "Clinton's Folly"?
  13. What Upstate town was the model for Frank Capra's Bedford Falls in "It's a Wonderful Life"?
  14. Whose body lies a'mouldering in North Elba, NY?
  15. What are the 46ers?
  16. What's the highest point in New York?
  17. What's a Nor'easter?
  18. For Upstate NY drivers, what is the most common thing to watch for when driving in the fog at night?

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