How money hungry are you?

For many, money is an important part of life. It may be equal to power, love, social ranking, or acceptance. But just how important is it for some people?

Are you money hungry, a cheapskate, a Scrooge? Or do you know someone who is? Take the quiz and find out now, and change your bad habits before it's too late!

Created by: money$
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  1. For 10 million dollars you would be most likely to...
  2. If a mad scientist offers you 5 million dollars and all you have to do to get it was cut off contact with your best friend forever, would you do it?
  3. For $100, would you beat up the class freak?
  4. If you won $2,000,000, what would you spend it on?
  5. For $10,000,000 would you accuse an innocent person of robbery if the only consequence were he/she went to jail for 10 years?
  6. For a large sum of money you have to do one of the following, which do you do?
  7. For $300 would you...
  8. If you were given the choice between paying 15 million dollars or developing a potentially deadly cancer, which would you pick?
  9. Has anyone ever accused you of being cheap?
  10. Do you believe you are money hungry?

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Quiz topic: How money hungry am I?