Canterbury Pilgrims

The out look on the world that Chaucer had was one that can still be seen in society today. There is rarely a day in the news that you don't hear of someone that can relate to a person in the Canterbury tales. Whether it's a Priest in trouble with the law or a power hungry politician tied up in money scandals.

Where do you fall when it comes to the Pilgrims in the Canterbury tails? Are you some what like the Miller always looking for a laugh or a good nap? Or maybe the knight, Chivalry is your middle name.

Created by: Michele Beers
  1. You would rather sleep then cut the Grass.
  2. You notice a wallet left on a Park bench.
  3. You see a guy fall while going up some stairs.
  4. A friend asks you to go to the bar with him for a few rounds.
  5. A friend of yours comes to you with a problem.
  6. Big sale at Best Buy!
  7. What are you doing for spring break?
  8. Please sir i haven't eaten in 3 days. spare some change?
  9. You see a kid drop his ice cream.
  10. The work day is almost over and you still have a good hour left of work.

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