There are so many different personalties in this world. If you haven't read The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer you really need too. This quiz is on which Canterbury Pilgrim you would be most like. I used ten possible characters in the Canterbury Tales. The pilgrims all symbolized different characteristic we as humans have.

Are you considered to be brave? Do you fall in love easily? Do you use threatening words towards other and destroy property? Are you known as someone who is quiet or modest? Do you practice what you preach? Well, thanks to this quiz you will find out which Canterbury pilgrim you are mostly like.

Created by: Irene
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  1. Do you fall in love easily?
  2. Are you brave?
  3. Do you have a gift for singing?
  4. Do you destroy property?
  5. Are you quiet and modest?
  6. Do you like to eat a lot?
  7. Are you usually the leader of the group?
  8. Do you practice what you preach?
  9. Do you keep yourself in perfect physical condition?
  10. Would you rather be alone or with a group?

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