Which Canterbury Character are You?

There is a lot of diverse characters in the Canterbury Tales? Do you know which character you are like? Out of the eleven characters listed,which charater do you fit.

Are you The Knight, The Squire, The Yeoman, The Nun, The Monk, The Friar, The Merchant, The Clerk, The Lawyer, The Cook or the Skipper. Which Canterbury Character are you?

Created by: Dana McMorris
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  1. You see a person cause harm to someone else. Do you step in or walk away.
  2. You run a business selling tile. How well informed are you on all aspects of your product.
  3. There is a person in need of counsel and friendship. They are facing hard times. Do you do everything you can to help or hope they don’t reach out to you?
  4. Do you consider your self a manly man who enjoys the outdoors or would you rather stay inside.
  5. If you had the choice, would you rather study or cook?
  6. Could you write a good book if you were asked too?
  7. Do you consider your self to be a good sales man?
  8. Would your friends say you are a happy open person or a quiet person who does not let information out easily?
  9. Do you enjoy school or do you view it as a waste of time?
  10. Do you consider your self a religious person/person of faith?

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Quiz topic: Which Canterbury Character am I?