Chaucer Pilgrim Quiz

In Chaucer's Canterbury Tales we meet many unique and different characters who all are traveling to the same destination and after they meet they decide to travel together.

Take this quiz to see what Pilgrim from The Canterbury Tales you are most like and how you would have fit into Geoffrey Chaucer,s world of the Middle Ages.

Created by: Chris Perry
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  1. I carry a sword at my side.
  2. I am religious and a devout catholic.
  3. Do I ride a horse?
  4. I most likely wear ...?
  5. I am most likely to be found...?
  6. I am most likely to be featured in Dante's Inferno instead of Paradise.
  7. I am clean and trim.
  8. I am a servant of the church..?
  9. I am kind to animals.
  10. I am kind to animals.
  11. I have probably killed someone.
  12. I have probably saved someones life or soul.

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