Which Canterbury pilgrim are you?

Who are you in the eyes of Chaucer?. Are you The Friar? The Prioress? The Wife of Bath? The Miller? or perhaps the Host? Take this quiz and see what results you get.

I hope this quiz is fun and somewhat accurate to the answers. I made it for my World lit class and it should be good for a laugh. I tried to make the questions modern but accurate to the pilgrims.

Created by: Christopher Tijerina
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. When on a date the first question you might ask would be..
  2. How would you break up with someone?
  3. It's not a party without..
  4. It's 3 A.M on a Saturday night. You can be found..
  5. Your friends consist of
  6. Rock, Paper, or Scissors?
  7. When you shop for clothing, you look for..
  8. You see a roll of money fall from a person's purse. you..
  9. Choose a color.
  10. You would like to drink..

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Quiz topic: Which Canterbury pilgrim am I?