Which Canterbury Pilgrim are you?

There are many different people out there, different in ways of pilgrims. The Tales can make you think of maybe which one you are and it can be hard to see now but you could be just like one of them.

You will come to find out which pilgrim you are by taking this Quiz. Be prepared because it could be a shocker and know one knows how they are but you so hopefully the results match.

Created by: Kelly

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  1. If you found a bundle of money, what would you do?
  2. If a Marriage isn't working, do you believe in divorce?
  3. If you see a man in need on the corner what would you do?
  4. Do you like to hunt animals?
  5. Do you ever seem to have a had time hearing?
  6. Are you truthful?
  7. Do you like to eat excessive?
  8. Are you big on story telling?
  9. Are you quiet or more of a loud person?
  10. You a party animal or do you like waking up early on Sunday and going to church?

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Quiz topic: Which Canterbury Pilgrim am I?