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Have you ever wondered which Pilgrim you are from the Canterbury Tales? Now is your chance! Are you the Knight? Pardoner? Summoner? Plowman? Monk? Franklin?

Are you a pilgrim? Do you have what it takes to be a Knight? Now you do not have to wonder anymore. Thanks to this awesome quiz you will know which Pilgrim you are!

Created by: Roxanne
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  1. I am the most corrupt of the churchmen.
  2. I accept bribes to look th other way.
  3. I have been married five times over.
  4. I am a soft-spoken student of the thetoric arts.
  5. I have a large wart on my nose.
  6. I am the most admired of all the Pilgrims.
  7. I am vain.
  8. I love to ride horses and hunt
  9. I am full of denial.
  10. My favorite dish is creamed chiken pie.

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