are you a shopaholic? (do you shop loads)

loads of people love shopping, especially girls. who wouldnt want cool designer clothes and all the latest fashions? some people seem to have endless money and just spend, spend, spend! the question is, are you one of these people?!

now, by taking this quiz, you can find out! on just a few minutes, you will find out your score, to see if your life is all about bling or just saving money. please rate this quiz and dont SPEND ages deciding the answers!

Created by: lisa

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. how rich are you?
  2. when you go shopping how much would you take?
  3. what do you normally wear?
  4. what would your perfect day out be?
  5. if you had one wish what would you wish for?
  6. what do you carry in your bag?
  7. what do you spend your money on?
  8. what would you change about yourself if you could?
  9. what cant you go out of the house without?
  10. how often do you go shopping?

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Quiz topic: Am I a shopaholic? (do I shop loads)