Are you a spend-aholic or a frugal guru

Are you savvy with your money? I mean really savvy. Is your favorite past time looking in other people's carts at the grocery store and gawking at their ignorance. Or do you spend you weekends at the mall buying all the latest fashions.

Are you Economical? Do your friends laugh at your savvy techniques? When you take this quiz you can find out in ten simple steps if you are a "Depression Era Genius" or and Economical Egghead!

Created by: Rebecca Salazar
  1. Cutting coupons is:
  2. When do you typically do your Christmas shopping?
  3. When buying a new car, how much research goes into your decision?
  4. When shopping for shoes, I:
  5. My car currently has:
  6. When I want something to drink I mostly drink.
  7. Our TV:
  8. When I cook I:
  9. My child(ren) has had fast food:
  10. I have:

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Quiz topic: Am I a spend-aholic or a frugal guru