How Mobile, AL are you???

How much of a Mobilian are you???? huh??? do ya know???? do ya? do ya?!?!? Sure you wanna know you do?? do you shop at the right places???? well find out and take the quiz!

Ok so you live here...but do you know the right people, shop at the right places, know who the Trail Maids are?!?!?!? ahhhhh that's the question!!! Come on you kow you wanna take it!!?!??!?

Created by: Amy
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Where were you born?
  2. Where do you shop?
  3. Where did you go to High School?
  4. How often did you go to church?
  5. What is your favorite school holiday?
  6. Who sang the song that inspired our new car tags?
  7. What road to you aviod the most during all hours...especially at noon and at 5:00?
  8. Where do you go for Spring Break?
  9. How many were in you graduating class?
  10. What drives you crazy the most?

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Quiz topic: How Mobile, AL am I???