How Bayou La Batre are you?

Bayou La Batre is a small town south of Mobile, Al. Few can claim it as home. It's the heart and soul of home cooking and where everyone wishes they could go home to....well, most days.

Come on in and test your skills. We'll take ya back to simpler times and a place where "everyone knows your name". All people are welcome. True Bayou folk will be rewarded with a chuckle.

Created by: Melissa
  1. What excuse could you give for being late?
  2. What movie claimed us as a setting?
  3. Name a church in BLB...
  4. What event is our passion?
  5. What school did you go to?
  6. How can you tell who to date in the Bayou?
  7. Gimme a name in your family tree...
  8. Where do/did you shop?
  9. Best resturant in the Bayou?
  10. Who won more homecomings?

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Quiz topic: How Bayou La Batre am I?