How Well Do You Know Forest Gump?

Who hasn't seen the movie Forest Gump? Well this is your chance to prove your Gump knowledge. I have personally seen this movie over 15 times and would probably fail this quiz myself! Are you up to it?

Think it's pretty easy? Hmmmm, then prove it by taking the Forest Gump quiz! I guarantee that your memory will be challenged and you will want to see the movie again!

Created by: mozart
  1. "Mama always says, Life is"
  2. What is Forest Gump's childhood friends name?
  3. How did Forest Gump describe his relationship with Jenny?
  4. After Forest joined the Army, who was the only person to offer Forest a seat on the bus?
  5. Where was Bubba from?
  6. As a child, Forest explained the problems with his legs to Jenny as:
  7. Which war did Forest Gump fight in?
  8. After arriving in Vietnam, Forest Gump met Lieutenant Dan. What was Lieutenant Dan's last name?
  9. Forest Gump's friends name is Bubba. What type of food did Bubba always talk about?
  10. While working next to Forest, how many different types of shrimp did Bubba name?
  11. While working next to Forest, what was the first type of shrimp dish that Bubba named?
  12. Lieutenant Dan's family had a history of men that did what?
  13. According to Forest Gump, Lt. Dan's men spent a lot of time walking around looking for:
  14. Which leg did Lt. Dan lose in the jungle?
  15. What was Forest Gump's jersey number while playing college football?
  16. According to Forest Gump, the good thing about Vietnam was:
  17. While walking the trails in Vietnam, it rained for how long?
  18. How many types of rain did Forest Gump describe?
  19. While Forest Gump was in Vietnam, he wrote Jenny a lot of letters. How did he close with every letter?
  20. While attempting to save Bubba from the jungle, where did Bubba get shot?
  21. According to Forest Gump, what was the best thing about getting shot?
  22. What was Jenny's last name?
  23. After Forest retrieved Bubba from the jungle, Bubba said three things to Forest. What was the last thing Bubba said?
  24. President Johnson awarded which prize to Forest for saving the platoon?
  25. After being shot in the butt and returning home, Forest was told the best way for him to fight communism was for him to:
  26. When Forest Gump learned to play Ping Pong, he was told that the secret of the game was:
  27. Forest Gump lost his mother, how?
  28. What city in Alabama is Forest Gump from?
  29. The Bubba-Gump Shrimp company has several boats. How many are named Jenny?
  30. Did Lt. Dan ever thank Forest Gump for saving his life?

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