Forrest Gump Fan Quiz

Are you a despondent Forrest Gump fan who has searched in vain for a decent Forrest Gump movie trivia quiz but has failed to come across one? Some quizzes out there are just too easy and some are just too unreasonable. Do you ever feel like you need a reasonable challenge for your noggin?

Well, if that's the case, then your in luck. Only a true Forrest Gump fan could answer this quiz in their sleep, faster than you can say " Life is like a box of chocolates." Good luck and lets see if you really are a smart man.

Created by: georgi
  1. Which item did Forest "ruin" that belonged to Jenny's room mate?
  2. How many Jenny boats does the Bubba Gump corporation own?
  3. On what day did Forrest's momma die?
  4. Which bus was Forrest waiting for?
  5. Jenny's boyfriend Wesley was the president of which chapter at Berkley?
  6. For how long did Forrest Gump run?
  7. What is Jenny's address in Savannah?
  8. Forrest started a fight during which party?
  9. What is the name of Lieutenant Dan's fiance?
  10. From where was Forrest Gump's friend Dallas from?
  11. Which ping pong paddle does Forrest promote in a commercial?
  12. Which Hurricane ruins all the shrimp boats except for Forrest's?
  13. What was Forrest's football number?
  14. Which governor tried to keep blacks from integrating into the college that Forrest attended?
  15. Which girl tasted like cigarettes?

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