Children of the Forest Quiz

The Children of the Forest are the creation of Hattie Grunewald (14) and exist in a trilogy which is as yet unfinished. The first of these books is Locke of the forest, Avaliable on www dot lulu dot com. And the second is Mari of the Forest, marioftheforest dot livejournal dot com

Have you read these books? Think you know your stuff? Are you qualified to beat me, the author, when it comes to your Children of the Forest knowledge? Take this quiz to find out just so much you really know.

Created by: Hattie of Oh, What a [s c e n e]
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  1. The first questions are Locke of the Forest Questions. Where is Locke when the book starts?
  2. What is the name of Locke's mother?
  3. What colour eyes does Kiernan have?
  4. Where does Alexion come from?
  5. What is the name Amelie has given Kiernan to show he's special?
  6. Which of the Children of the Forest do Kiernan and Locke collect first?
  7. How old are the twins when we first meet them?
  8. Which of the twins do we meet first?
  9. What name does Kiernan give himself when he goes to collect the enemies from the Work Planes?
  10. What does Alexion want in return for joining the Children of the Forest?
  11. What's the name of Locke and Kiernan's daughter?
  12. What's the name of Locke and Kiernan's daughter?
  13. How does Kiernan discover his power?
  14. What's the first form Alexion changes into?
  15. What's Demi's power?
  16. What memory does Ean let Amelie see?
  17. Who does Alexion pretend to be to get Jenea to like him?
  18. What does Jenea say to Alexion when she finds out he's Jamin?
  19. What's Alexion's mate called?
  20. What happens when Kiernan and Alexion go back to the Work Planes?
  21. What does Alexion change into on the journey back to get close to Jenea for a final time?
  22. What does Kiernan say that makes Alexion hit him?
  23. Who is the new person living with Ean and Amelie in their shelter?
  24. How does Alexion save Mari's life?
  25. Which of the Children of the Forest gets the sickness?
  26. What does Alexion dream about on the journey back?
  27. Who moves to the Forest Centre at the end of the book?
  28. And now some Mari of the Forest Questions. Name Alexion's son(s).
  29. Who dies meaning Alexion is the heir to the Rivers?
  30. The first person Liam killed was...
  31. When does Liam abandon Mari?
  32. What's the name of Mari's first boyfriend?
  33. Which people tell Alexion to stay away from the forest centre?
  34. Who does Alexion argue with first on the Children of the Forest's new journey?
  35. Final Question. What is the final book going to be called?

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