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This quiz will better your knowledge and understanding of your personality type. Of course, as with anything else, not everyone can be classified into four groups, and it is quite common that people can experience different traits, even if they are not strictly of that category. The four groups are: Firstborn children, Middle-born children, Last-born children, and Only Children.

Since it was slightly difficult to create this quiz, I decided to put firstborn children and only children into one category. These two groups share many common traits, as well as expressing their individual characteristics, but for the sake of simplicity, I joined them. Also, I could not find an effective way to differentiate between the two. With no further wait, you may begin, please answer honestly. =)

Created by: Kaylin
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  1. I feel comfortable assuming leadership positions.
  2. I enjoy activities consisting of creativity.
  3. I have a short attention-span.
  4. I am an organized person.
  5. I am flexible
  6. I often find myself the mediator among my friends or siblings(if any).
  7. I have a keen sense of detail.
  8. I can be impatient.
  9. I can find fun in virtually any situation, if the situation is not fun, I usually make bad jokes to lighten up the topic.
  10. I like to entertain people.
  11. I can ususally persuade people to believe as I do.
  12. I am ambitious.
  13. I like things consisting of logic or strategy.
  14. I am, for the most part, even-tempered.
  15. I love coming up with ideas. In fact, maybe I should be an inventor, or maybe not. I just love new ideas.
  16. I am a perfectionist.
  17. I need to feel that others need me in order to feel secure.
  18. I can be possessive of people or things in my life.

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