Do you know All My Children?

Do you really think you know everything about All My Children? I think I do. Could you get an A on this test. Are you really sure you know everything, and I mean EVERYTHING about All My Children!

Take this quiz and find out if you know EVERYTHING about All My Children. You might be suprised of your results! The only way to find out is to try!!! Goodluck and think about all of the questions carefully!!! Most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

Created by: Kriste
  1. What station is All My Children on?
  2. Which of these Actor is the newest?
  3. Where is All My Children filmed?
  4. What town do the people of All My Children live in?
  5. Who has a twin?
  6. They stole cars, hid from the police, and crashed a boat when they came to town.
  7. Who has a missing child?
  8. Kate is Tad's missing child who has Kate, and what is her name now?
  9. Babe stole whos baby?
  10. Babe cheated on her husband with who?
  11. Whos husband or wife has NOT died?
  12. Who is not adopted?
  13. Who is Miranda Montgomery's father
  14. Who does not or has not worked at Fussion or Confussion?
  15. What is Confussion?
  16. Whos mother killed her father?
  17. Who has NOT been married to Adam?
  18. Which character was on One Life to Live the same time as AMC?
  19. Who is blood related to J.R.?
  20. Where do they spend time at?
  21. Who most recently got married?
  22. Who is Colby's mother?
  23. Who has not had a fling or more with Amanda?
  24. Which of these characters are gay?
  25. Where do several unrelated characters live?
  26. Who does not have Children?
  27. Who was killed by the Satan Slayer?
  28. Who bought the Roadside?
  29. Who has not been married?
  30. Who does not have syblings?
  31. Who did Bianca tell first about being Gay?
  32. Who is not related to Josh?
  33. Who had a dog named Harold?
  34. Why did Kendall have Ryan's baby?
  35. Who caused the black out?
  36. Who did Jonathon marry?
  37. How many children does Tad Martin Have?
  38. Who is married in real life?
  39. Who is no longer on the show?
  40. Did you enjoy this quiz? It took a long time! I hope you liked it!

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