True Warrior Name

The warrior books are amazingly written, and please, who doesn't imagine that they were a warrior cat living in the forest? Warriors are brave and kind, but are you more like Tigerstar than Firestar?

Find out in this wonderful quiz. Take just a few minutes to decide what cat you would be and how you would act in the forest. Will you be crude and witty or smart and kind? In just moments you could know!

Created by: Madinator
  1. Who are you loyal to?
  2. Are you deputy?
  3. Have you read all the books?
  4. Are you having fun?
  5. What are you in warrior life?
  6. Are you going to answer this?
  7. Do you wish to be leader?
  8. What question number is this?
  9. What is your favorite part of life?
  10. Who do you expect to be?

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