Are you a true GSW fan?

There are many fans, and many more bandwagoner fans, but few true GSW fans. GSW fans are afterall quite rare. Now are you one of them? or just a phony?

I've seen Chris Mills at warehouse, antawn jamison at safeway, mugsy bogues filling gas at the old PB and Gilbert Arenas driving his escalade up park st. True warrior fans can spot a warrior without the fear of thinking that "my god this is a tall black dude that is about to rob me!" are you on the list?

Created by: Crash
  1. Who was T.M.C.?
  2. Who did the Warriors draft in 1993?
  3. Who was the volatile and outspoken SG who wore #15?
  4. Who is a 2 time slam dunk champion on the warriors?
  5. Who were the two coaches that preceeded Don Nelson?
  6. Who has NOT stopped by in the bay area?
  7. Who is not on the warrior roster?
  8. What cities were the warriors in before becoming the golden state warriors?
  9. What's the current mascot's name?
  10. How many championships have the Golden State Warriors won?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true GSW fan?