How New Jersey Are You?

New Jersey is an interesting state. We get a bad rap, mostly due to the Newark-Elizabeth area with the container port and oil refinery. But real New Jerseyans know that our state is more than that small stretch of turnpike. We're proud to be New Jersey!

So how New Jersey are YOU? It isn't easy to be New Jersey if you aren't from here. But I suppose it's possible. Go ahead and take this quiz, and see just how Jersey you are.

Created by: Peter Principle
  1. New Jersey is also known as what?
  2. How many issues of Weird New Jersey have you read?
  3. Have you ever eaten taylor ham with cheese on a hard roll?
  4. Have you ever found yourself at a diner at one o'clock in the morning?
  5. In the summer, do you "go down the shore"?
  6. Does summer for you begin on Memorial Day weekend and end on Labor Day?
  7. Have you been to places featured in HBO's The Sopranos?
  8. The PNC Bank Arts Center was once named what?
  9. Do you have fond childhood memories of the boardwalk?
  10. Who of the following is not from New Jersey?
  11. Are you Italian or do you have very Italian friends?
  12. Do you remember Action Park?
  13. Do you think that New Jerseyans have a weird accent that results in them pronouncing it "Joyzee"?
  14. Do you feel both offended and proud when Hollywood mocks New Jerseyans?
  15. Does it bother you that New Jersey sports teams are referred to as New York teams?
  16. Can you drive for five minutes without going past a mall?
  17. Do you know how to pump your own gas?
  18. Do you know which color the Empire State Building is lit up as this week?
  19. Do you suspect the neighbor down the street is in the mafia?
  20. Do you live within ten minutes of three different highways?
  21. Have you ever stopped at a Pennsylvania fireworks stand to get some fireworks?
  22. Do you know where to get the best slice of pizza on the boardwalk?
  23. Do you enjoy all four seasons?
  24. Have you been to Midgetville?
  25. Is getting stuck in traffic just a way of life for you?
  26. Are all your TV and radio stations based in a neighboring state?
  27. Have you "watched the tram car"?
  28. Do you know where to get some good bagels, good sushi or good Indian curry?
  29. Do you call it "miniature golf" and know a good place to play?
  30. Have you gone into New York City by boat, bus, car, and train at some point?
  31. Have you gotten out of traffic tickets just by showing up at court and talking to the prosecutor?
  32. "You guys" vs. "ya'll" - Which would you say:
  33. Would you laugh if someone says "pop" instead of "soda"?
  34. Did you ever get excited when you caught channel 12 giving a shout out to your town?
  35. Ever had a fat sandwich from a grease truck?

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Quiz topic: How New Jersey am I?