How New Jersey are you?

So, all of you out there wish that they you were from New Jersey. This test has been carefully created to determine exactly how Jersey you are REALLY! What type of Jersey are you; North, South or Central?!? Or are you a bona-fide benny?!?

So HOW JERSEY ARE YOU?!?!?!? Do you have the guts, road rage and hatred of bennies to qualify for that prestigious title?!!? Until this very momnet you could only wonder...but now you shall see!!!

Created by: Sang
  1. Where did Bruce Springsteen go to High School?
  2. Where(which county)was the original 'Amityville Horror' filmed?
  3. Where does Gov. Corzine believe that NJ ends?
  4. What is the Stone Pony?
  5. If you find yourself in Camden Newark or Elizabeth at night you....
  6. North Jersey is...
  7. OK, its a...
  8. Do you say Jersey like...
  9. Double Trouble is where...
  10. Lastly, What about the quiz?

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Quiz topic: How New Jersey am I?