true south jerzan

"there are many peple that think just because they come down for the summer they know south jersey thats why i made this quiz to see if you could answer any of these questions thinking on my level of my home south jersey"

Do you really think new jersey is your home take this quiz to test your smarts about south jersey and all i know that is fun and never forgotten no matter what happends

Created by: mandy

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  1. On the board walk in wildwood where can you get $1.00 pizza slices?
  2. what time do the rides on the wildwood board walk open
  3. How many water pareks does WildWood have and what are there names?
  4. what color is the tram car?
  5. To go to the Wild Wood beach of the board walk how do you get there?
  6. Are there fire works that go of in Wild Wood? ,where, what time?
  7. When's the best day and time to go to the City?
  8. When is "red pin" bowling and where?
  9. When is Irish fest?
  10. What does "shobie" mean?
  11. why did you take this quiz?

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