How Southern are you? part I

Currently one-third of the America's population resides in the South. With all these people living here, it's hard to determine who the "true Southerners" are. People of the South have shaped the soul of America, but do you know about this region. Most of the country simply writes off the South as "The Red States." That maybe true, but we are more than that.

Are you Southern, or do you think you are smart enough to answer questions about the South and its people? This quiz is the first of many to test your knowledge of Dixie

Created by: Keith Sisson
  1. Who is Ernest T. Bass?
  2. Who is the mascot at LSU?
  3. Which was the first Southern state to leave the Union before the War Between the States?
  4. Where was Elvis born?
  5. What is the name of B.B. King's guitar?
  6. Where was Robert E. Lee a professor before the War?
  7. In which city did Rosa Parks refuse to move to the back of the bus?
  8. After having a Harvard business professor tell Fredrick W. Smith that his idea would never work, Smith proved the professor wrong and created what company
  9. Country music legend George Jones' nickname is
  10. How many stars are on the Confederate Battle Flag?
  11. Before Bear Bryant coached at Alabama, he coached at
  12. The Kentucky Derby is always held
  13. If you are at Williams Brice Stadium you are in
  14. On "The Dukes of Hazzard" what kind of car was the General Lee?
  15. The site of America's first gold rush was
  16. Who shot J.R. on CBS's "Dallas"?
  17. Where did YOU. S. President Jimmy Carter attend college?
  18. Who wrote Patsy Cline's famous song "Crazy"?
  19. By trade, Oprah Winfrey's father is a
  20. To learn more about Southern People and prove your Southerness you can

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Quiz topic: How Southern am I? part I