How Southern Are YOU??

There are many people, with southern roots, but few who are true to them, We sometimes move away and forget where we came from and all, but there is a little southern flame in us all!!

Can you once and for all, prove that you are the king of the south?? We will see in a while ... You just take this here test and Show me what southern spice you are made of!!!

Created by: Stephen
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  1. What is the Southern part of South Carolina "really" called?
  2. What is Hoppin John?
  3. What is "The World's Largest Cocktail Party"?
  4. What is the Deep South's oldest football Rivalry?
  5. What town and state are the best onions grown in?
  6. What state, is last in flying the Confederate flag?
  7. What state is the town "Way-cross" in?
  8. The last go-round, How do you eat a "hot-Dawg"?
  9. Where is gullah spoken?
  10. What is the best kind of Fish?
  11. Where is the most "Red Dirt" and pine trees found?
  12. If you eat Shrimp Etouffe, you are from?
  13. "Market" is in What Low-Country City?
  14. What State has the most HBCU's (historically Black College's and universities)
  15. Do you know what Scrapple is?
  16. Would you rather eat Cream of Wheat, or Grits.
  17. What is Hash?
  18. How do you like your eggs?
  19. Flip flops or Boots?
  20. American Eagle or Abercrombie.
  21. What is a Chilli beer?
  22. What does "finna" mean?
  23. Where does a couch go?

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