How southern are you

So where are you from? Do you think you are a real southern rebal? Southern people are some of the best people around. We are charming, kind and always willing to help a stanger. We do a few things different so lets see if you are one of the true few.

We do things different around here. We love our mommas and Jesus. We take pride in our work and family. We are smart people that go on to achieve great things. Take the quiz and see have you fit in with the rest of the south.

Created by: Brandie

  1. What do you do on Sundays?
  2. The homecoming football game is next friday,what do you get your girlfriend?
  3. The best southern meal consists of
  4. RR # is
  5. What do drink with dinner?
  6. Where do you spend the summer?
  7. What is the real all American sport?
  8. What kind of music plays in your car
  9. have you ever drove a 4-wheeler?
  10. Where do you shop?

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