How Southern are YOU?

I took the questions from this quiz from a book called What's your Southern I.Q. by Ellen Patrick. The book is a points-based system, but that was not an option here, so I had to use a percentage. Get the book and take the complete quiz to discover your southern I.Q. The following paragraph is taken from the introduction of this book.

"Testing one's Southern I.Q. is not a scientific study, but rather a social study of one's knowledge and understanding of a particular region of the United States: the South. Geographical and cultural characteristics differentiate the South from the rest of the country... The results of this test are not finite. If you are unsatisfied with your level of "southerness," use what you learn from this test to enhance your southern flavor."

Created by: heather
  1. What creeping crawler was introduced by the Japanese at the 100th berthday celebration for the US and has come to be known as the "vine that ate the South"?
  2. What is the most popular sport in the South?
  3. Straight from the mountains of the southern Appalachians, who was the father of country music?
  4. What is the breakfast food known as "the cereal of the South"?
  5. What are grits made of?
  6. Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With the Wind, died of what tragic death in Atlanta?
  7. According to a study by John Shelton Reed, southerners are more likely to believe in ___ than in any other being.
  8. ___ is best for headaches.
  9. Boiling is to ___ as baking is to a cake.
  10. Paul Bryant is to ___ as Dean Smith is to basketball.
  11. Mud boggin' is
  12. If someone is from Maryland, but has lived in Mississippi for 30 years, he/she is considered to be

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