How Southern Are You?

Being born in the south doesn't necessarily make you a southerner...So, do you know what does???? Is your family from the southern states? Did anyone fight in the civil war? What about work in the coal mines? Do you know where the Cumberland Plateau is or what it is?

Did you actually grow up in the south east? Do you know "redneck speak?" Do you love Scarlett O'Hara? If you think you are a true southerner, take my test and see if you're up to my standards. ;-)

Created by: Cracka
  1. Anyone north of Nashville is a yankee.
  2. You love cajun/creole food or traditional southern food (such as fried chicken)
  3. You know what a mint julep is and have either drank one or made one.
  4. What do you think about the confederate flag?
  5. You like horse racing.
  6. A cookout occurs in your family on every or almost every major or minor summer holiday.
  7. What's your liquor of choice?
  8. Do you know the significance of the following: Winchester, TN; Lynchburg, TN; Chickamauga, GA; Lookout Mtn, GA?
  9. You know the difference between a southerner, a cracker, a redneck, and a hillbilly.
  10. Finally, which of the previous do you most identify with?

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Quiz topic: How Southern am I?