REALLY!!How South Jersey are You!!!

There definitely is a difference in being just from Jersey or being from either South or North Jersey!! We are the S*#@ in the Southern part of The Garden State!!!!

So where are you from in Jersey? Is is truly the Southern part? Or are you just Jersey in general!?!?!Either way as long as you are from Jersey you are cool with let's find out!!

Created by: Yun-he
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  1. What highway takes you from Philly to AC?
  2. How many ways are there to get outside of Brigantine?
  3. How many Wawa's are within 5 minutes of your house?
  4. Do you know the name of the public bus line in NJ?
  5. What county do EHT, Mayslanding, Absecon, Pleasantville, and AC belong too??
  6. What basketball team did R. Kelly play for??
  7. What famous club is in AC and who owns it???
  8. What is a 4 Flat??
  9. Have you ever been to Great Adventures (not six flags)?
  10. When you leave the club is it daylight???
  11. Do you know anyone named, Ab(dullah), Rahim, Ahmad, Malikah, Malik, or Lisette?

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Quiz topic: REALLY!!How South Jersey am I!!!