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  • South Jersey is the best especially in VENTNOR!!!!

    Jersey Girl Jul 31 '11, 6:03PM
  • Got me totally wrong. I'm about as central/south as you can get, growing up on the beach (NOT ever the shore.)
    North Jersey is a totally different country and the rest of the state might think that annexing it to NY might not be a bad idea.
    Not really - living on the beach, the entire rest of the state might as well be a foreign country.

    lorihb Nov 16 '09, 9:41PM
  • I'd rather DIE than be part of New York. Your quiz is wack. I don't even go down the shore in the summer BECAUSE of the bennies and shoobies. I go there in the winter when it's quiet so I can drink and be left alone. Your girls are hot, though and have the best personalities of all the Jersey girls.

    Kris Oct 24 '09, 8:00PM

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