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  • You do realize that many of these questions are skewed to North Jersey, right? People from South Jersey don't call it "down the shore" in fact Memorial Day through Labor day is when we tend to avoid the beach; we have no view of the NYC skyline to see what color the Empire State Building is. The mafia is around but not as much. Though we've been getting a large influx in the past 10-15 years, we are not predominately Italian. We actually pronounce it, New Jersey.

    Here are some questions for South Jersey...
    Have you ever looked for Ong's Hat?

    Do you know back roads to avoid the GSP in summer?

    Have you ever tipped a canoe while tubing?

    Do you know the difference between Bennies and Shoobies?

    Do you know who Lucy of Margate is?
    Do you know what a beach plum is?

    Do you know the difference between a Piney and a Clamdigger?

    Are you a Piney or Clamdigger and are proud to be one?

    If you got more than 1/2 of these wrong, you're probably a transplant. Go home benny!

    • ok, I got NONE of those, and I don't know what they are, but I live in NJ, soooo yeah.

      Dangerous Rose
  • We have the best of everything in NJ, 4 seasons( the music grp too!)the mountains, the shore, the city.

    Cannot imagine a life without Taylor Ham(North Jersey) and cheese on a hard roll!

    Dammit I grew up in Hudson Cnty and could have gotten that damn Empire State Bldg color question but I can no longer see the skyline from rural Warren Cnty!

    It was a real b---- trying to pump my own gas the first time I had to in a foreign state!

    Only thing Jersey you left out were Disco Fries- Sorry but just the gravy on the side with mine! Great Adventure? Palisades Park? Jungle Habitat?

  • Damn STRAIGHT, MARZ!!! Every Jersey girl I've ever known, down to those who are sweet as pie, are girls you don't wanna mess with! "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry" LOL!

    A sense of pride for the place that has shaped you, that's only natural. So it doesn't phase me when people from other regions try to crack on us. Just make sure you get your facts straight!

    Sissie s? HA! Not even a lil bit! Southerners often forget (or are ignorant to the fact) that this is THE GARDEN STATE. So we have our own native lands & wildlife. I live in a S. Jersey burb and have a huge pond behind my house, which means the ground is literally crawling w/snakes in summer and they don't scare me. I find them, like all nature, beautiful. I've had to pick up more than a few to remove em from my mom's backyard shed or her garden.

    Shows like "Jersey Shore" are like minstrel shows, IMO. They display every ugly stereotype one might have of Jersey natives. I personally have never met that particular brand of douche, but then I don't mingle with morons.

    Truth is, there was a time in our history when splitting the state in two NORTH & SOUTH was a negotiation nearly made reality.

    We're populated by different concentrations of various ethnicities,

    which has shaped our culture in different ways.

    The Northern segment connects with New York; The South, with Philly.

    Because of this, loyalties to sports teams, local politics, even school

    district policy, let alone the overall "tone" or feel of the place(s) have

    put us on opposing sides.

    No such thing as being a "REAL NEW JERSEYAN" when the influences surrounding us muddle the very distinction.

    In S.J., people tend to have a combo JERSEY/PHILLY accent, while up North, people have adopted a combo JERSEY/NEW YORK accent.

    * As I'm sure countless North Jer

  • As a native girl of south Jersey, most of your questions fit for the north jersey crowd. Jersey isn't just freaking north jersey. We aren't just close to new york either. Like 80% of your ao called 'quiz' was in favor of north jersey people and new yorkers. You want an accurate response, make an accurate quiz. The empire state building question??? Again we live in JERSEY not NEW YORK. And it's freaking Pork Roll not no 'Taylor Ham' bulls---, this isn't a quiz for people from jersey, not just north.

  • Totally leans toward North Jersey due to:
    a) Taylor Ham instead of Pork Roll

    b) You don't go 'down the shore' if you already live there. (monmouth is right, sorry Bunny12)

    c) Every shore kid knows the best beach days are AFTER labor day. September is my favorite summer month.

    d) The Empire State Building question is just silly.

    e) The total lack of questions only south or shore jersey folks would know :p

  • I'm so damn Jerz it aint even funny! I've lived all over this great state & been 2 every corner, nook & cranny from the hood 2 the woods & I love it. I couldn't care less who doesn't like it; it's gotten a little crowded here, so it's not like we need any more residents from other states further congesting our roads anyway, we're good! & I think it's so funny when people try to bash Jersey on the Internet or on TV, cuz they'd never come here & do that... I've tried to move away a few times (& when I do, the people I meet always call me "Jersey" affectionately

  • Sadly, I've been away from Jersey for 30 years and overseas for over half that time, so there are references to things that didn't exist when I left. That said, I'm in the 'pork roll' camp even though I'm from Warren County, and you have made me drool with reference to pork roll & cheese on a hard roll. My favorite excluded question: should you be in the left or right lane to make a left turn?

  • Wrong Sweet Lou,

    If you were in NJ before 1986, the Devils didn't exist and the Rangers were the team. It would be very un-Jersey to switch team loyalty! So I guess you don't root for the Yanks or Mets because they are in NY? Real hockey fans don't root for expansion teams and Devils fans blow because they can't even sell out the arena (unless they are playing the Rangers!) The Devils are sooooo un-Jersey, they would get a 0% on this quiz! The team should be disbanded!

    NNJ RangersFan
  • 98% here- born rasied and feared. Lived in almost every town city in this rat-infested arm-pit we call home. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

    mmm... wawa steak....::Sheds tear::

    Funny how you can say Jersey and everyone knows what you are talking about , but say York, Hampshire ,or even Mexico and you lost them. Garden State where are the f-in gardens? I see more pot grown, then vegetables!

    jerzee, joise, dirty jerzz , what ever you want to call it is different in three areas.. north, central and south.

    North are Bennys, you know who you are, well go toy new york beaches and stop coming to our shore.. your ruining it with your sliver spoon attitudes and bloomin onion haircuts! Looks real stupid, my kid can do that with a fork and wall socket from the result of being stupid.(My 'kid' way the way is a very smart cat. Cause kids are the real root of evil. All humans are! so don't complain. And a cat I can throw out of the house every night.)

    Central, well is being now overrun with the northern Bennys cause they are runnin out of room, we already have the damn 'real' jews (who can't drive at all!)taking up all the available space, and money (taxpayers money cause we pay for their additions to their homes cause they are their 'temples' and it's a religous thing.. b/s!)and it's starting to suck, real bad.

    South jersey well it's just a continuation of the inbred south, too stupid to stay in the south they came north and got stuck in the penile shape land mass that represents what they all truly are (camden area excluded your worse.)... rant done.

  • It's pork roll not taylor ham, I don't go down the shore because I live there, I stay away from the highways because of the bennies. I usually don't go near the beach till after Labor day to avoid them. What do I care about the empire state bldg......This was clearly written by someone from North Jersey.

  • some questions didn't have enough answers,some questions were based on shows that I've never watched.I've been in Jersey all my life,living at the shore,and have never watched news 12 unless someone wanted to show me a particular piece.I count strip malls as a mall as well.So to get a 64% tells me that this quiz is slanted to a specific region,and not the whole state.

  • This is the "How North Jersey Are You?" quiz. I don't go "down the shore" because I live AT the shore. I don't call it Joyzey because I don't talk like an idiot. Part of why Hollywood mocks us is because of all the idiots in North Jersey who think they represent the whole state. Half of you are broke New Yorkers who just can't afford to live there so you moved down here. Stop giving the rest of us a bad name. Oh, and Lexy, unless you live in Lakewood, the rest of us have sales tax. Maybe you're from Delaware and don't know it?

  • I was born in Puerto Rico but raised in New Jersey. First South Plainfield then North Plainfield and then Bayonne, the best city in the entire nation. We moved back to Puerto Rico and I now live in Florida but I am and always will be a JERSEY GIRL! I love and miss the four seasons and all of the wonderful stuff New Jersey has to offer.

  • Born and raised in New Jersey but I live in PA now..I LIKE PIE said he would rather live in PA...nah..we have crazy laws here too. You can't buy more than one six pack of beer at a grocery store and no liquor. Beer and liquor is not allowed to be sold together here..Stupid. Plus..I like when someone else pumps my gas. True we can buy fireworks but we still get in trouble for blowing them up somewhere "they don't want" I miss NJ

  • dear jrsygrlx3...

    if you are truly from southern new jersey, then you are, in deed, from "south jersey", and you have nothing to be proud of and you have no right to try and rep the dirty jerz. dirty jerz, as you mentioned... encompasses all of north jersey, and most of central jersey... no further south than exit 98 on the parkway, or 7A on the turnpike. south of there, and you might as well be from virginia... with the exceptions of any of the shore towns, camden, or trenton. i suspect you hail from the hick-ass, back country regions of jersey that we TRUE NEW JERSEYians consider an overflow of pennsylvania.

    so don't rep it like you know it, and lets get real... nobody from south jersey could POSSIBLY score a 99% and not have lied on at least 3 or 4 of their responses.

    quick now...
    name the:

    3 major (major is at least 2 LANES or more in EACH DIRECTION)highways within 10 minutes,

    several malls (not plazas or strip malls, there is a difference) you can pa

  • 96%, born and raised in central jersey, but just recently moved to Tennesse, ugh. and to all you new yorkers who say nj sucks and is horrible, how bout you just stay out of our amazing state in the summer. I mean if you hate it so much, why do i have to deal with you guys every summer? At least when we go up to your state, we have the deceny to be polite and not trash the place, like you do to our beachs.

    girls from jersey are not homely and boring especially not from wall and belmar, and all of the other beautiful towns along the shore, and not every single guy is a druggie. The girls are beautiful and the guys are hot, which we know you know, or i wouldnt have to deal with your loser guido guys cat-calling at us. WE DONT WANT YOU! so just leave us alone.

    Who f**kin cares if you cant make a left turn, what the hell do you think u-turns and jughandles are for??? New Jersey is the best effin place in the country. And i also happen to love New York, but not the BENNYS who make my sum

  • o.k jersey is great for the stores, no lines. and yes the malls. everyone comes here to tax. besides that beaches are so great, people are cheerful, sometimes.. don't get on they're bad side. lol. love the parks they are CLEAN..yes love that, and parades,fairs,good schools,contests, all the good things family's and people want to grow up with..btw... i love new yorkers who come here, they're great we are all one nation... and as a country we need to support each other.. esp.because we are in a recession. we need to allow others to give to our states, to allow better in our country. no division.. that's key.

  • reply for guest 234

    Born and raised a NickyNewarker and very proud of it!

    First of all, why would you want to split up NJ- north & south? NJ is fine just the way it is, whether you are from the north or the south, I love it either way, farms..beach..ghetto., you name it. I live in Fl, enough with the bs of the north and south, I have to deal with the rednecks and their confederate pride.

    Since I last checked in the history book the Civil War ended in 1865.

  • 100% Jersey...Jersey Represent!! Kevin Smith knows the deal. I do think we should be 2 seperate states.

    I am Italian but I am not the Hollywood version. Also here are some things for you:

    Camaro Z28 IROC - Italian Retards Out Crusing
    TransAm GTA - Guidos Travelling Around
    If you haven't heard them you ain't Jersey.

    So girls break out the hairspray and mini skirts, guys grab your Z Cavariccis and Italian Horn chains and get in the b----in camaro and lets go down the shore listening to a mix tape of Bon Jovi and Bruuuuuce.

  • South Jersey is barely New Jersey. If you cheer for a Philadelphia team, you need serious help, especially the Flyers. Being a Flyers fan, however, still isn't as bad as being a Rangers fan. Rangers supporters should be deported from New Jersey.

    Sweet Lou
  • No I don't go "down the shore" I live at the beach. No I don't eat Taylor ham, it's correctly called Pork Roll. And real summer starts after Labor day, the water is warm and the tourists go home. CLEARLY this was written by a Benny.

  • I don't like it that this quiz has all the questions for North Jersey people. I'm from South Jersey, and i got 80 percent New Jersey, but it should of asked more stuff like "Do u know what Real corn should taste like" or "Do u know what a real Hoagie, cheesteake, and soft pretzal should taste like". Somewhat one-sided to me

  • cont'd...
    pass in 5 minutes,

    spot on the SEASIDE BOARDWALK (only legit boardwalk in the state) that STILL has dolla slices, dolla twenty five with a soda (and for extra credit, produce your VIP card for that establishment...)


    the spot where you go "down the shore," when "SHORE POINTS" are NORTH of you from southern jersey. bc you may go to wildwood to "watch the tram car please," but to truly enjoy the jersey shore, all you guys better be within spitting distance of the boulevard this summer.

    sip that haterade betch. i just preached truth.

  • How about this one... If you ever got stuck driving behind a Buick with the old blue license plates, driven by a grey haired guy wearing a VFW hat and really big sunglasses.. Chances are you are in New Jersey!

  • It said 50% new jersey. Lol hubby I'm jersey born and raised and we dont speak with a new York accent and I dont have an "jersey" accent. Or act like anyone from the show jersey shore. That show is bogus and offending. Most jersians act NOTHING like what they show on reality shows.


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