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  • I'm from New Jersey and i only got 31% ):

    rainbowing Sep 16 '14, 5:48PM
  • I am from jersey and got 88% lol i dont know everything but i lived here my whole 16 years of life

    laurencabaza Sep 8 '14, 1:29AM
  • I'm from nj ive lived there my whole life but i am only 12 so i dont gt out much

    frankentine Aug 24 '14, 3:30PM
  • #ilovepuppiez Louisiana sucks and so do u NJ rules and nothin else too it BTW ive been to Louisiana before and everybody was jerks to me so yeah and i have a pet python and let it out of the cage in my room i love snakes so yeah

    pitbullsrock Aug 16 '14, 8:12PM
  • #ilovepuppiez Louisiana sucks and so do u NJ rules and nothin else too it BTW ive been to Louisiana before and everybody was jerks to me so yeah and i have a pet python and let it out of the cage in my room i love snakes so yeah

    pitbullsrock Aug 16 '14, 8:11PM
  • I am from New Jersey. I just don't go out much. Lol.

    janopigs Aug 1 '14, 11:58PM
  • Damn STRAIGHT, MARZ!!! Every Jersey girl I've ever known, down to those who are sweet as pie, are girls you don't wanna mess with! "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry" LOL!

    A sense of pride for the place that has shaped you, that's only natural. So it doesn't phase me when people from other regions try to crack on us. Just make sure you get your facts straight!

    Sissie s? HA! Not even a lil bit! Southerners often forget (or are ignorant to the fact) that this is THE GARDEN STATE. So we have our own native lands & wildlife. I live in a S. Jersey burb and have a huge pond behind my house, which means the ground is literally crawling w/snakes in summer and they don't scare me. I find them, like all nature, beautiful. I've had to pick up more than a few to remove em from my mom's backyard shed or her garden.

    Shows like "Jersey Shore" are like minstrel shows, IMO. They display every ugly stereotype one might have of Jersey natives. I personally have never met that particular brand of douche, but then I don't mingle with morons.

    Truth is, there was a time in our history when splitting the state in two NORTH & SOUTH was a negotiation nearly made reality.

    We're populated by different concentrations of various ethnicities,
    which has shaped our culture in different ways.

    The Northern segment connects with New York; The South, with Philly.
    Because of this, loyalties to sports teams, local politics, even school
    district policy, let alone the overall "tone" or feel of the place(s) have
    put us on opposing sides.

    No such thing as being a "REAL NEW JERSEYAN" when the influences surrounding us muddle the very distinction.

    In S.J., people tend to have a combo JERSEY/PHILLY accent, while up North, people have adopted a combo JERSEY/NEW YORK accent.

    * As I'm sure countless North Jerseyans can attest, when traveling to other regions, people will often ask, "Oh mah goodniss! Y'all uhr from New York, ain't cha???" LOL!

    Lion_Totem Jul 21 '14, 2:03AM
  • Oh and by the way, ilovepuppyz? NJ RULES. We've got delicious bagels+pizza, Six Flags, woods, mountains,and all 4 seasons!

    Marz Jun 26 '14, 2:33PM
  • This is so dumb im from Jersey and all of u r just rejected Jersey shore wannabes why would u want that and people do is treat us lime trash and make fun of us because and few people on a fake tv show don't know how to act there age......... u people irritate me

    ashleenicole Apr 18 '14, 2:09AM
  • Yeah, but yall don undustand how we do it in lousiana. we say joyzee just fer fun. der. we aint no idiots. Oh, and futhamo, Joyzee suck, lousiana rules! We tough, yall a bunch a sissies. Oh no, a snake! is what yall say in joyzee. Oh cool, a snake! grab it lets show momma is what we say in lousiana. oh and lousiana got de most popula tv show EVA: duck dynasty. Suckaz!

    ilovepuppyz Jan 8 '14, 2:50AM
  • I am 100% Jersey. Some of your questions vere toward a special lifestyle. You will never get thr "Jersey" out of me.

    bunnyjohn24 Dec 7 '13, 1:26PM
  • Didn't score well, but :
    Born and raised in Clark Union County. Spent summers at Lake Lackawanna and L.B.I. Left home for an A.F. career in '56 Still have many happy memories of N.J. People from Nu Yawk call it "Joizey".

    BigGeorge Dec 4 '13, 12:05PM
  • I'm from south Jersey and the quiz is very north Jersey. There is life below exit 9.

    wise9guy Dec 2 '13, 1:13AM
  • Taylor Ham is the BRAND name for the best pork roll. Shoo Bees name was derived from people in the Philly-Camden area taking the train down the shore and bringing their lunch in a shoe box.

    frank05bay Nov 23 '13, 1:05AM
  • I've been out of Jersey for almost 38 years. I still can't believe I only got a 74%!

    koalabear58 Nov 21 '13, 7:49PM
  • Sadly, I've been away from Jersey for 30 years and overseas for over half that time, so there are references to things that didn't exist when I left. That said, I'm in the 'pork roll' camp even though I'm from Warren County, and you have made me drool with reference to pork roll & cheese on a hard roll. My favorite excluded question: should you be in the left or right lane to make a left turn?

    wavewright62 Nov 21 '13, 5:52PM
  • It's pork roll not taylor ham, I don't go down the shore because I live there, I stay away from the highways because of the bennies. I usually don't go near the beach till after Labor day to avoid them. What do I care about the empire state bldg......This was clearly written by someone from North Jersey.

    ceg609 Nov 21 '13, 5:20PM
  • I never said "down the shore" - I always said "over the bridge". I guess that happens when one is born and raised in Toms River. No problem though - still got a 91%.

    cstucker Nov 21 '13, 4:24PM
  • And "you're score" would be higher if you took the apostrophe out!

    AnnNJ Nov 21 '13, 11:03AM
  • I grew up in Brick, live in Point's PORK ROLL, and only Bennies go "Down the Shore (or shoobies, what the Bennies are called in southern Ocean County.

    icfeet Nov 21 '13, 7:10AM
  • Anyone who says Down The Shore does not live at the beach. Those of us who live there call it The Beach. NEVER The Shore.

    Ms Jean Nov 20 '13, 11:45PM
  • As the creepy Pineys have pointed out, this is a very North or "Real Jersey" quiz. Go back to Wawa you freaks! It's Taylor Ham, Down the Shore, and News 12 belongs to us!

    NorthJerseyMan Nov 20 '13, 10:32PM

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