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  • 2012 elections
    "If the economy is better in 2012 Obama will be in a good position to win again. Democrats did badly this time mostly due to the economy and..."
  • "As Obama said today, if they were Christians we wouldn't stop them from building a church, and if they were Jewish we wouldn't stop them fro..."
  • "I liked when he had spoken out against the Iraq war even though it seemed like a foregone conclusion. He ended up being right in many ways,..."
  • Obama Destroying U.S.A.
    "So young, so angry..."
  • Marijuana
    "Shouldn't it be up to each person to decide?"
  • "I agee with tongue. Afghanistan is not so much a country but an area of land with lines drawn around it on a map. Even the Taliban, a brutal..."
  • Allies or Axis
    "The Soviets were allies for the duration of the war, but it was a difficult alliance. US domestic propaganda refered to Josef Stalin as "Un..."
  • Arizona hates Latinos!
    "Arizona is nearly 1/3rd hispanic in population. Politically-speaking, this is only going to drive the hispanic vote further toward the Demo..."
  • Illegal immigration
    "One important point is that illegal immigrants range from those who just came here yesterday to those who have been here for years and put d..."
  • "Another way to look at it, and this is just a generalization, but it's probably a safe bet the white person with the slightly better resume ..."
  • "lol you guys. Sex before marriage is not illegal. Except if you are under a certain age."
  • "It's going to be a rough one for Democrats. They've won big the in the last two elections, so they've got more seats to lose now than Repub..."
  • FDRs new deal programs
    "World War 2 put the nail in the coffin of the depression, but FDRs programs put people back to work, and the economy was improving all throu..."
  • "It's real simple: when you dilute the word "socialist" so much that you are applying it to a completely private market system, you not only ..."
  • "Godfather, I don't know where you are getting these ideas from, but you are misinformed. The way the Canadian system works is"

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