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  • 93% Foodie, and it knew last years Christmas list...

    Choclavacakes Mar 20 '16, 8:17AM
  • I thought I would have scored higher than 93% considering I'm a restaurant critic and private chef.

    petitepixie27 Nov 9 '15, 9:42AM
  • I thought I would have scored higher than 93% considering I'm a restaurant critic and private chef.

    petitepixie27 Nov 9 '15, 9:40AM
  • You Are 53% Foodie!

    Yeah, maybe

    OuterSpaceCat Sep 28 '15, 10:59AM
  • 29% foodie... meh, yah win some, ya lose some. :) I'm vegetarian, anyway! ;D

    Lizzzy Jan 19 '15, 4:52PM
  • i love to cook but got 44% tho

    pice Oct 20 '14, 9:23AM
  • yea yea i'm only 9%

    cutebabyseal678 Aug 9 '14, 1:42PM
  • I got 44% foodie. Okay den :3

    TeaganV Jul 30 '14, 9:19PM
  • LOL! I'm not a foodie, honestly... I don't care, the only thing I care about is if it's safe, if it is under a certain amount of calories, and if it will make my tounge die of disgustingness... are foodies/anti-foodie s fat, because I'm the only skinny person in my family and my fat cousin wants to be a chef but my fat dad doesn't think much about it.

    TeaganV Jul 30 '14, 9:17PM
  • Love to cook- got 91%..

    GCarey Nov 26 '13, 8:24PM
  • You are quite a foodie, and can cook a meal for me any time! You're a whiz in the kitchen and a discerning consumer in the food market. You are knowledgeable but not obnoxious.

    keznya Oct 25 '13, 2:21PM
  • yep. 44% foodie. i still love to cook tho. ._.

    shayshay_13 Jun 16 '13, 3:35PM
  • I got 67% foodie. I guess my mom raised me with amazing food (she's an amazing cook even though she's never been to culinary school before) so I became almost 7/10 foodie from her without even thinking about it or being a great cook myself :P

    Sports19 Apr 29 '13, 4:13PM
  • You Are 91% Foodie!
    Hahaha wow, I don't even like eating. I just love cooking. xD;
    This was fun! :3

    Sollux Captor Oct 9 '12, 3:37PM
  • I got Foodie 44%!!! I am all about food!! I should be 99% but the only reason why i HAVE A LITTLE is because i cant afford xpensiive f---in food!! My entire life, none of my parents give a f*** about spices, food, how to cook, how to get fresh stuff, i was the only one to be interested in it out of alot of siblings, and i give myself a pat on the back for that. =)

    OpenMindedGirl Jun 10 '12, 4:33AM
  • kool quiz

    cuteyjackie May 9 '12, 2:23AM
  • 82%... That's a pleasant surprise. xD

    Alana Mar 10 '12, 10:21PM
  • I'm a certified Chef and I only got 73%.
    Can't say I care about food fashions. I make my own food, fresh, and everyone loves it.

    Atrobasinnu Feb 20 '12, 8:50AM
  • What is a foodie? I got 13% but I love food! I always try new things, and I always go grocery shopping to try new things. I go to new restaurants, and try food from different cultures. So can someone please tell me what a foodie is? If it's someone who likes food, then this quiz is completely off.

    purple3298 Dec 2 '11, 4:11PM
  • (sorry, 93)-Duh, not that it matters

    MaicohSasha Nov 24 '11, 6:45AM
  • Emberscatsootie: HAA!...Well, it depends on HOW far out of the zone! Um, I was a 91, but you DEFINITELY won't catch me trying "Rocky Mountain Oysters"!!!!!! (Bull Testicles)...But I DO enjoy watching a certain chef indulge on re-runs of "Bizarre Food". ;D

    MaicohSasha Nov 24 '11, 6:44AM
  • I stepped outside my "comfort zone". Didn't like it.

    emberscatsootie Oct 5 '11, 8:24PM

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