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  • Dragon's Lair
    "Uh but you're still supposed to RESPECT them, right?!"
  • "@Crying Clover, kick me out of the Masquerade please"
  • "Hi person. Welcome or whatever. Because why not. Just remember: Stay away from anyone called QuizMaster12345 and then you'll b"
  • Spice Rack 2
    "Hi is Spice/Cinnamon on? (can I call you cinnamon it's the only spice I know of) No? Is she not on? She's not on is she. Figures. "
  • Deathbringer's Den
    "Aaaaaand you left GTQ. Now I'm bored. Who is on. Spice are you on. What about you Eclipse. No not you? Is everyone gone? Or does no one want..."
  • Cats17's thread
    "I'm also mad that I can't post as often!!! That idiot mod! I swear he only joined your party thing so he could make me leave! And he'd bette..."
  • Deathbringer's Den
    "Why'd you leave the slides."
  • Deathbringer's Den
  • Deathbringer's Den
    "I made something on slides I need to share it WoF, can I use the email on the collab quiz?"
  • Cats17's thread
    "What do you want?"
  • Cats17's thread
    "@Ethel, in the "Masquerade" I left because SOMEONE and I'm not giving any details because then he'll pop his ass in here and give me more s-..."
  • Cats.
    "You obviously are! You never liked me!"
  • Cats.
    "If you're making my life here horrible, I am begging you to delete my account. I don't care what it will do, I just. Want. My. Account. Gone..."
  • The Paradox Dimension
    "@The Coldest Sun, If you're going to make my life here horrible, you might as well delete my account. Do it."
  • "Or else?"

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