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  • Im leaving GTQ
    "To my rp partners- Keep the threads linked somewhere, a place where they’re easy to find, and make sure they are regularly bumped ever"
  • New Venting Thread
    "I was hurt over problems that didn’t exist. I forgave her. I never got the chance to tell her. And then it was too late. And now I don’t kno"
  • I'm leaving GoToQuiz.
    "I may have been hurt. But I had already forgiven you. This only makes the pain worse, knowing that you’ll probably cut off all other contact"
    "That was fast. Ok."
    "The only rule is no Derecho. When you post say what animal."
  • "Uhhhhh about that... I never saved my file that this drawing was on so I’ll redo it later..."
  • "Might have time to do more than one today Cinna!!"
  • Ukulele Den
    "Hey I come prepared"
  • "Rules: 1. No, Derecho, wait for at least three people to post first, give these poor people a chance.. 2. Yeah that’s it"
  • The New Moon
  • New Venting Thread
    "I don’t know whether to be hurt, angry, or both.."
  • The New Moon
    "Fine and you?"
  • The New Moon
  • New Venting Thread
    "No... no one can help anyways..."
  • The New Moon

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