Warriors Cats Rp: The Journey to the Sky

Many years later, when even Bramblestar's name has been long forgotten... the Clans have still survived. Travel through a long courageous journey... whether kit, elder, leader, or apprentice... as you travel through unknown territory, leading up to the sky!

I know there are a lot of these, but please take this, and enjoy the quiz! Remember to have fun! No negative comments please. Rate comment and share! Thanks!

Created by: Cats17
  1. Pick a Clan, any Clan... except StarClan, who isn't usually a part of any of the journeys.
  2. What gender is your cat?
  3. What rank?
  4. You start off in your camp, and all the medicine cats have had a great vision, of a cat walking through the sky, going higher than the clouds. They think it means StarClan wants them to go there for some unknown reason. SkyClan thinks it should be all about them, while the other Clans think three cats from each Clan should go. Which do you decide?
  5. SkyClan reluctantly agrees to let cats from the other Clans go as well. The medicine cats say that they have asked for specific cats from each Clan, and you are one of them. How do you react?
  6. You go meet the others that have been chosen. This includes Birdkit, Swoopear, Branchleaf, Streampaw, Stoneheart, Flakeglow, Darkburn, Umberclaw, Solartail, Mosseyes, Rosepelt, Oakkit, Deerstar, and Harepounce. How many are allies and/or enemies?
  7. You start your journey, north of the Moonpool. A hunting patrol is sent out. What do you do?
  8. Birdkit, Oakkit, Mosseyes, and Stoneheart stay behind because they are elders and/or kits. Swoopear, Umberclaw, and Rosepelt go on patrol. The rest stay behind to guard the camp, except Branchleaf, who goes to look for herbs. The hunting patrol heads out.
  9. If you went on patrol, please answer the next four questions. If not, click "I stayed behind." This question does NOT count for your score. Ok?
  10. As you head out, you smell a rabbit. So does the rest of your patrol. When you look over to spot it, it is quite large. Do you decide to catch it, or no?
  11. You finally agree to catch the rabbit. Which position do you have?
  12. Your patrol doesn't catch the rabbit. The others end up with only two squirrels and three mice. Which of the following birds do you catch?
  13. You begin to head back, but you think you hear a cat yowling. None of the others hear it. What do you do?
  14. When you enter the camp, their are foxes attacking! You eventually fend them off, but have a nasty bite on your ear. Everyone is wounded. Mosseyes, Birdkit, and Streampaw are dead.
  15. You will see more of these questions in the future, two total. If your cat stayed behind, he/she may have died. Let fate decide.
  16. The journey continues!
  17. You sleep for the night, then carry on. Branchleaf has had a vision. We must go north. You head north, and make a camp near a Twolegplace. Where do you guys decide to hunt?
  18. You find a fat, juicy mouse. You leap, and catch it! You bring it back to the others, adding it to the pile of two blackbirds, a rabbit, and three voles. What do you do next?
  19. You awaken in the middle of the night, smelling smoke. Fire! What do you do?
  20. You turn to see Darkburn and Umberclaw both trapped by the fire. Who do you save?
  21. Your cat may have died in the fire, or from breathing in too much smoke. Let fate decide...
  22. As you continue, you notice tall, gray, snow-capped mountains. They look different from the Tribe's mountains; they are gray rather than brown. Branchleaf's vision says to climb them, and your journey up the mountains begins.
  23. As you begin hunting, you notice a large falcon circling overhead. It swoops down, headed straight for Oakkit! What do you do?
  24. Whether you tried to save him or not, the hawk still carries the kit away. Umberclaw/Darkburn (whoever you saved) mourns for his/her lost kit. You continue on the journey.
  25. You meet a rogue on the way up. What do you do?
  26. The rogue, Lightning, leads you into a trap. You are surrounded by his rogue gang. What do you do?
  27. The battle is won! Many are wounded, and during the battle, Darkburn/Umberclaw was thrown off a cliff.
  28. You may have been killed in the battle with the rogues, let fate decide...
  29. At the peak of the mountain, you discover a piece of rock that looks as though it came from the sky. Branchleaf discovers it is linked to StarClan.
  30. You journey back safely. Ready for your results?

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