Which Valentine's Day Candy are you? This or That quiz!

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Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Have you ever wondered what Valentine's Day candy you are most like? Take this simple, easy, and fun quiz to find out!

Disclaimer: Some results may not be accurate. I kindly ask for no hate in the comments, but feedback is ok- just no hate on me as the quiz creator or the quiz itself. I do not mean to copy other quizzes like this and I do not know of other quizzes like this. Thank you for taking this quiz!

Created by: Cats17
  1. Yin or Yang
  2. Oak or Birch
  3. Lake or Pond
  4. Stream or river
  5. Dark or light
  6. Black or white?
  7. Day or night?
  8. Sun or moon?
  9. Thunder or lightning?
  10. Pick an element
  11. Choose your fate

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Quiz topic: Which Valentine's Day Candy am I? This or That quiz!