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  • A Dash of Spice
    "another art trade shalala "
  • "This is a very interesting question and I'd like to answer from both a Christian perspective (my religion) and an agnostic one. "
  • Lost & Found Box
    "I think someone figured out a loophole but I forgor"
  • Lost & Found Box
    "Oh boy I wish, it's blinding 😭 GTQ Guy likes bein silly goofy and adding random stuff instead of the things we request"
  • Dancing In The Rain
    "OSFJAEMFS IM WHEEZING this dude's voice acting is immaculate and now PJO won't look the same"
  • Lost & Found Box
    "oho :0 a goblin buddy"
  • Dancing In The Rain
    "but make it aNgStY"
  • Dancing In The Rain
    "kinda wanna write poe a tree"
  • Lost & Found Box
    "*is motivated* time to draw them goblins"
  • Lost & Found Box
    "Hskfjs thank you, I appreciate that u_u I really need to get off my butt and finish my already existing projects ngl"
  • Lost & Found Box
    "That's true, I just struggle w motivation but it'd be nice to complete it! Especially since I'd be using the voice acting of an acquaintance..."
  • Lost & Found Box
    "I'm super tempted bec I have a project in mind, but it'd take me forever :'D"
  • Lost & Found Box
    "The answer is as always: procrastinate"
  • Lost & Found Box
    "To animate or not animate. That is the question"
  • Lost & Found Box
    "No bec how are we the same person this is not possible"

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