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  • A Dash of Spice
    "omg my heart thank you so much zimswife! i'm sure you're already a very good artist >:0💛"
  • Lost & Found Box
    "holy guacamole i am very behind time to do stuff"
  • Lost & Found Box
    "I dunno if you'll see this Tat but I love you so dang much buddy"
  • Lost & Found Box
    "Me normally :I Me when I see my buddy's pfp: :)"
  • A Dash of Spice
    "askj tysm guys :') i appreciate it sm"
  • Lost & Found Box
    "I should be doing things right now"
  • Practice Time ayo
    "Question slid off of the edge of the table, straightening up and brushing bread crumbs off of his clothes. "And waste all of my preparations..."
  • Spice
    "A neatly packed bag was resting next to Ander as he shoved the device inside. "Crypta is trying to relocate you as we speak. You'll have a n..."
  • Harry Potter RP
    "Cinna frowned sympathetically. "I'm sorry to hear that. I heard there are owls at Hogwarts you could borrow, maybe you could use that instea..."
  • Well isn't this great
    "Myr pursed her lips at Adrienne's inquiry. These people were complete strangers and could be a potential threat. "That is entirely none of y..."
  • Zombie Apocalypse
    "rip my bad y'all)) next time you can just skip me if i don't post a response within 24 hours, i dont wanna hold up the rp)) "
  • Post here
  • "I don't agree with the term "all cops are bad" because there are a lot of them who are doing their best to protect us and keep us safe. Howe..."
  • "Aww congrats!! Here's to many more"
  • GTQ Fam drawing
    "Any progress I make will be goin here..."

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