Shoutout for Tremmie u-u

So Trem wanted to get a shoutout so I thought, you know what? I'm going to make an entire quiz to shoutout Trem. So that's what I did and my brain died halfway in

Note to Trem from the author: Here you go pls enjoy My mind has currently gone oof and now I have no braincells. I have no creative or energy anymore ;-;

Created by: Spice
  1. Trem (aka Tremendus)! You're a super cool and severely underrated person, so I wanted to make a shoutout quiz just for you uwu
  2. You're funny :3
  3. You're a good friend ^^
  4. I love your pfps btw, they look cool :0
  5. You love hitting milestones in threads, like 1,000th post or 1,000 pages :3
  6. You're really nice :>
  7. And uh yeah, my brain is currently starting to dry up
  8. I'd love to get to know you better!
  9. But that's about all I can currently think of hehe
  10. Buh bye :S

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