Warrior cat love story {4}

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Hi! sorry this quiz took so long to complete! you may notice that there is a drastic style change halfway through the quiz- that is because I halfway finished this quiz and then forgot about it for A WHOLE YEAR. I hope you enjoy it anyway!

now, who do you love? is it a best friend from kithood, or the new clan leader? is it the same cat your sister loves, or a cat only you love? you can basically choose, so choose wisely, and have fun!

Created by: Brightstar

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  1. SHE CATS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. you have to have taken the other quizzes. (Warrior cat love story {1}, Warrior cat love story {2}, and Warrior cat love story {3}) otherwise you can't take this quiz!
  3. so, remember where we let of? Snowfur told you he liked you!
  4. rp? ready, set, go!
  5. snowfur waits a second,holding his breath, than gets up and leaves.
  6. you are walking along the air, you do not have a care in the world, you can look down to see beautiful clearings, dense, strong, woods, and clan camps, that never seem to look like your's, but yet always look like your's...
  7. you wake up, and decide to get up, after all, you have never really been tired when you wake up, that was a problem when you where a kit, when you woke up in the middle of the night the hole nursery would wake up! Nowadays though you just go outside, have some fresh kill, and look over the clans and up into the night until you get tired again and go back into your den. however now it was morning, you always look over the den to see if anybody is awake, you see that Rivereye is awake, he is looking at you, dreamily. then he slowly gets up and pads over to you, "let's get up, wanna share breakfast?" he whispers, you two go out together and end up sharing, bye now you can't really say no, you tell him it's just friendship though, and you can see that he is hiding a little disappointment. When you are done, he begins to say something... "well," he says " I know you're going through a lot of this, I saw Coleshadow and Snowfur... but that just worries me, the thing is, I...I love you, I really love you, I'm bouncing back and forth between you and your sister, but now I feel I will love you forever, and, I'm scared, but please, I realy love you."
  8. You were startled to find out that Rivereye loved you after all, and a bit glad, yet a bit overwhelmed at the same time (you know what one better than I do). he looks into your eyes, a little nervously, and than reaches out his muzzle, questioningly, reaching out to to touch your nose with his, yet seeming to ask you if you want to, at the same time. what to you do?
  9. regardless of what you chose, it was a few days later when you were drinking from the lake, and Goldenstar padded up to you...
  10. "I..." he looks as if he is going to say something else, but flicks his gaze to see Coleshadow watching, and thinks better of it. "...would like to ask you to lead a hunting patrol." you nod, maybe a little disappointed. "ok." you say, walking of to join the patrol.

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