Story Of Elisa Ch 2 (The Begining)

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This is ch2 of story of elisa hope yall like,it its better that the first one I hope,well rate and comment tell me what you got and tell me how I did on,this story quiz

Elisa is a 17 year old who found her dream guy but the new guy in school might change that who will you choose your guy (from previous ch results or the jock transsfer jake or be in a love triangle

Created by: NellielXoX
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  1. You wake up one sunny morning yawning, slightly open your eyes and put your arm over your eyes ase the glare of the sun hits your face you devide to go back to sleep, when sudenly your mom walks in "morning sunshine time for school" she open curtains up letting the sun in and reach your somewhat open eyes, you sun cover yourself with the blacket ." The light it burns!"your mother just shakes her head" stop being silly elisa you lil vampire"she laughs."anyway isnt (the guy you got from the first chapter) coming to pick you up and walk with you to school?" You spring out of your bed with your eyes wide open runing to the closet" omg I totaly forgot what should I wear!?" You go of,to get dressed get your stuff brush your teath and face.and grab your lunch and run outside to wait for your guy. (me: btw who did you get on ch1 results?)
  2. You see your guy walking up the street wirh a sweet smile on his face with sweet mellow eyes looking at you flirty you cant help but giggle and turn a dark crimson red, you wave back at him exited about spending time together even if it is school."hey there lovely lady my my you look stunning and radiant because your an angel". You blush and giggle and hold his hand " your so silly" you say to him walking towards school. As you go to class you hear the priciple anounce many things like class pressident and other boring politics. You sit down in the desk nex to your guy . And you see a guys with blond short hair blue eyes , hes wearing a football teams jacket but its not from your school . And you cant help but stare at his cute smile." Class this is jake he transphered her from Millford High" mean while your thinking about...
  3. Jake sits next to you in an empty seat "hey there im jake "he fla sd hes a flirty smile at you"hi im elisa and this is (your guy)"your guy dosent seem to happy about jake getting all flirty on you he just glares and strongly shakes his hand"hey nice to meet you new guy" your guy says in a somewhat harsh tone. You feel a bit uneasy and wonder whats up with your guy.
  4. lets say You decide talk to your guy alone for a while."hey everything okay?" you say with a sad expression on your face. (me :im sorry I just love conflict trust me id be boring without any)"im okay just a little iritated at that jake guy he just artives and already he starts flirting with you" he swinced as he said those word knowing that jake may try to steal you away from him pains him.your eyes a lityle sad and hug him" hey thats not gonna happen kay" you try to comfort him, but in your head you couldnt get the cute smile jake had, your eyes widen snd shake your head."no way I cant like jake what am I thinking ugh.relsx girl focus on (your guy).
  5. Its lunch time and you sit with your friends and your guy talking about random stuff when jake comes along and goes to your table"hey elisa can I sit with you all?"your guy gives him a glare. margaret one of your awesome bffs scences that this might turn ugle so she stands up to talk to jake."sorry new kid this tables full as it is "jake looks kinda disapointed but walks on anyway before he leaves he winks at you. Lisa nottices it and was fumming" okay 1 that guys is eww has no idea when to back of and 2 who wears camo now a days so revolution chick like not!" We all laugh except your guy. (yup my real bffs lol)
  6. Lunch ends and its art class your art teacher dosent really focus onvl the class so you and your guy can talk and flirt a bit. Hes smiling but his smile turns into a scowl you turn around and see jake"hey elisa who knew we were in the same class" your guy gets pissed of and walks out."oh no (your guys name)come back" Jake dosent pay attention to your guy leaving he just smiles at you .what should you do
  7. The school bell rings its time to go home you and your guy walk home in an awkward silence you try to think of what to say.
  8. As you reach home he finally says "later elisa"he said with a small bitter sweet smile"later (your guy)" yo walk in all gloomy your mom dosent dare try to ask whats wrong cuz she knows it wont do any good to ask . Yo flop into your bed and just lay there thinking about
  9. You then hear your mother calling you "elisa someones here to see you!" Your eyes wide open run down to see who it is hoping its your guy you wait outside and hear a voice say your name you turn around and its..
  10. CliffHanger! Heheh btw ty firey_soul for the idea hope ya dont mind anyway stay tunned

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