Story Of Elisa Ch 1 (your elisa)

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Okay you are roleplaying elisa shes a highschool girl who has three guys she likes and must choose who she will be with but it depends on your awnsers also you might end up alone so awnser carefully and truthfully to what you will do. Kau rate and comment

Its my first quiz but there will be more hehehe so look for them in the future btw girls only guys youd look weird if you took this test but if you wanna go ahead anyway this is nelliel xox look for me on fb as orihime kind princess inouee my user name on facebook k

Created by: NellielXoX
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  1. Hi im elisa im 17 years old and there are tree guys I like but cant choose -sigh- eek kains coming this way -kain walks in- hello there princess -he kisses her hand - how are you today. Um im uh....
  2. -Kain leaves. Waving at elisa she blushes and waves goodbye- hes so cute-the bell rings- time for class-You run to class and bump.into kyo- hey watch I... Oh elisa sorry -helps her up -are you alright? im ...
  3. -kyo leaves and leaves you with a black rose with a small smile- um black roses uh sweet I guess.-you go in your art class and see seiji sitting next to you- hi seiji -you smile at him- j Hey elisa was wondering if you wanna go to the arcade after school. ...
  4. -its lunch time and you sit by your friend alice when sudenly kain walks by- alice: omg kains coming. -you stsrt to blush- Hello elisa mind if I sit with you. --
  5. -you arive home after a long day of school and lie down on your bed- wondering who to choose of the guys when sudenly your phone rings and you awnser it . Its kyo-hey elisa want to go to a poetry club with me.
  6. -the next day at the library you find seiji carrying alot of books and he crashes and falls on you-im so sorry elisa im too much of a book worm I guess let me make it up to you by buying you an ice cream. ...
  7. -At lunch you go to volley ball tryouts and spot kain in the bleachers cheering you on- hehe hes so sweet ill...
  8. -the bell rings and you.head to history and spot seiji having some trouble with the assignment -you.....
  9. -you walk home and see kyo singing- well who knew kyo could sing hes good-
  10. Todays the last day to choose who will it be it depends on your awnsers Btw if you want to be a charecter in ch 2 leave a comen describing your charecter. Did you love my quiz?

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Quiz topic: Story Of Elisa Ch 1 (my elisa)