By The Riverside Part 1

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Hello, and this is my first story quiz! Can you please take this, it would really mean a lot to me, since it's my first one ever. Well, this story is about YOU, yes, YOU, I am pointing to YOU, and a girl called Daphne. YOU are the HEROINE/HERO of this story!

This story is written by ME, and my alone. No dictionaries, people or children helped me. Just me. This story is set up in the 13-14th century, where the kings and knights all fought and servants and fantasy like dragons still existed. Hope you enjoy!

Created by: kristine_192
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  1. Daphne stared as the gentle streams of the river rolled past gradually. The water was blue crystal clear, rolling by like gentle, but oh so little waves. She glanced up at the skies, filled with beautiful birds, flying. Oh, how wonderful it would be to feel so free. It was better than being sold to the English to be a slave, thought Daphne grimly. Soon they will all be out looking for me. I need to contact my guardian...she thought.
  2. Meanwhile, you are in 2012, the year currently right now instead of the 14th century which Daphne was in. You are playing ping pong with your best friend when suddenly the phone rings. "Hey, mum, can you get that for me?!" you yell. "Sorry, honey, my hands are full with laundry!" she yells back. You sigh as you put down your ping pong racket. You look sympathetically at your friend, Holly. "Sorry, Holly. Mom's rules. I'll be right back." you tell her. Holly nods as you trot back downstairs to answer the phone. You pick it up. "Hello? This is_______ speaking!" there was no answer. Just silent buzzing which was barely soundly. "Hello?? Hurry up and speak before I hang up!" you holler, feeling your temper tighten. Suddenly, an eerie voice started to creep up. "He....elp..." it crackled. "!" You started to feel shivers up your spine. "Who is there?" you ask, feeling slightly frighten. Suddenly, the caller hangs up and you hear a sharp, loud glowing sword-y sound. You cover your ears with your hands and feel sweat drip down your forehead. What was going on?!
  3. Back in the 14th century, Daphne was ordered back to the castle, greeted by Lord Dominic, with a sneaky smirk. "Ah, well, well, well. Daphne, isn't it? A fair little girl from France, no?" his smirk turns into a wide grin as he touches Daphne's cheek. Daphne felt her cheeks glow red with anger. "You are now working for me, Daphne." hissed Lord Dominic like a cat. He ran his hands through Daphne's brunette, long, flowy hair. "Get your hands off me!" Daphne shrieked as she pushed away from him. "No, Daphne!" commanded Lord Dominic. "You have been sold to me. What, do you really think your petty French society would want YOU? Pah! You now work for me!" Daphne felt more scared and angry than ever. She had contacted her guardian, ________ over the sapphire that teleports to a phone, but there was still no signal. Daphne felt like giving up. She turned to Lord Dominic. "What do you want?" she asked coldly. Lord Dominic snarled. "You. Now, go load up the horses. Me and my guards are going on a hunt..." he said. He paused then added, "with you." Daphne gritted her teeth, feeling totally powerless and under his control. Feeling hopeless, she broke away from the room in tears.
  4. Meanwhile in the present time, you are at school in English class when suddenly the principal calls you name "_____ please report to the principal's office NOW". You wonder what you done wrong as you walk out of the door to the office. Suddenly..."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" you fall into a mysterious hole which is connected to the schools ground. You find yourself falling down, down, down, screaming and feeling every part of your body falling in a mysterious path.
  5. THUMP! After 10 minutes of continuous falling, you find yourself in a very green forest. There were big trees, plants, flowers and nature wildlife everywhere. There was a river next to you, flowing very smoothly and quietly. (If you go back to Q.3, the river is the exact same river as the one Daphne saw) You gasp as you see the river. It's beautiful! Crystal clear blue, little waves and a gentle sound. But as you stare ahead, you find yourself in shock...there is a castle right through the trees! You walk forward a few steps to inspect. You think, "Hey, what is this place...?"
  6. You walk out of the forest, and you step into a whole new different world. A place where...well, there were people EVERYWHERE. There was a big castle in front of you. You look around and see people dressed in old-fashioned clothing! Women wearing petticoats, men wearing armors and peasant costumes... and...guards! In shiny armor...Oh-o! you thought...they were going toward you! There were 4 guards, 2 of them had a sword in their hand. the other 2 came up to you and took your hands tightly. "LET ME GO!" you shriek, but they denied. "Your under arrest. Under the order of the king!" one of the guards grunted as they led you inside the castle. You try to scream for help but your too shocked.
  7. Do you like this story so far? It's my FIRST story ever on GTQ!
  9. Please rate and comment so I can see how I am going!!! PLEASE???!?! XXXOXOXOXOXO
  10. thanks for taking this story quiz! i really appreciate it. GO MEDIEVAL STYLE!! (lol) my grandfather collects those old medieval swords :) well anyways,,,BYE!!!!

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