The Amber Ashes part two

The Amber Ashes is continueing! I hope you enjoy part two as much as I did making it! It's not as great as part one but I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Have fun!

Stay tuned for part three. In part four you will understand why it's called "The Amber Ashes". Don't take guesses why now! You could guess correct and ruin it for yourself!

Created by: kittykit
  1. As you walk to math class your mind trails out of reality and you bump into a boy named Brendon. He's your friend. "Oops. Sorry Brendon!" "It's okay _____." "I'm guessing your mind trailed off agian." "Yea." He helps you pick up your books and walks you to math class. " I got to go to my english class, see ya _____!" You walk into math class looking for a seat but thje only one you see is near Emily. 'The worst is the worst',you think. You go take the seat next to Emily. She immediantly passes you a note saying,"Watch out ______. I'll get you this time." You look perpelxed. Emily smiles,"I'll get you this time.."
  2. You try to pay attention but a boy keeps stareing straight at you. You keep trying to ignore him but his glare is really tight. You're already creeped out so you pass him a note saying,"Why are you stareing at me?" He passes one back,"I'm making sure Emily doesn't hurt you." Then you recognize his face. Those beaming blue eyes, dirty blond hair; it's Johnathon...
  3. When you were about five years old, you were in the woods and was in your favorite oak tree. You feel asleep and plunged 17 feet to the ground. Johnathon was also in the woods. He was running around with his friends when he found you. His friends saw you laying there, eyes closed. They knew you were still alive so Johnathon chose to carry you. Though all of you were only five, all of you had your manners placed. They checked every house until they found yours. Your mother carried you inside and the boys followed.
  4. It took days for you to wake up. Your mother thanked the boys and sent them home. When you finally woke up the first thing you saw was Johnathon. And even now, he's still protecting you...
  5. You didn't really pay attention and now your teacher is passing out the homework. 'Uh oh. How am I gonna do the homework?!' Then out of pure luck your teacher says,"You can all use your book to help you for your homework." The bell rings and it's time for lunch. You look for Brendon and your friend Alice. You can't find them. What's peculiar is that you don't see Tom or Emily. You realize Emily and Tom must be doing something...something bad...
  6. CLIFFHANGER! You have to wait for part three to know what happens!
  7. Now I know part two wasn't as fun as part one but I need your oppinion on my story so far.
  8. Okay. Now, since after part one was over I said there would be results. Here's my question. Who do you like so far?
  9. Okay. Now, since after part one was over I said there would be results. Here's my question. Who do you like so far?
  10. Who do you like? (so far)
  11. Who do you like? (so far)
  12. Comment or Rate?
  13. Okay bye! Ima start making part three once people comment about part two.

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