Tough Romance Part 7

Hi part 7 is here. So who are you for? The remaining two? Jacob with obi wan's dirty blond hair and has sky blue eyes? Or Matthew the one with Noda's hair thats black and he has green eyes. Or do you still morn over Richard's death. The one who looked like oyoama with chest nut hair and heazel eyes?

Hope you enjoy part 7! Yes I know that you all will mis Richard but after a volcanoe eruption, Somthing blooms out of the ashes. Hop you enjoy! Comment if you please!

Created by: Wolfygirl
  1. A few days later the king and queen finally return from their meeting in the other kingdom. You tell them everything that happened with Richard. A day later the whole kingdom has a funeral. Everyone dresses in black. Each haveing sad expressions. It rained and it was cold. Everyone was quiet. Everyone in the palace had to say something about the young prince. They described how clever and smart he was. They described how he was interested in knowllege the first day he started to learn it. They described how he grew up and how big his study was. How he read every book at least three times and could give a three page, front and back essay about it. But each person tried not to cry at the thought of him. Mary cried when they gently buried the coffen in the ground. On it was this one rose that bloomed when he was born. On that same second he was born. And each year it would grow the same small size, same color yellow in the same place same time. Mary noticed that it died on the same day as Richard did when she was picking flowers for the coffen. She picked it and now she held it close to her heart as people put down a flower on the coffin right when they were about to dump dirt, Mary slowly yet painfully let the rose drop on the piles of flowers. When she let it go a tear went down her cheek.
  2. Days past from the day of the funeral. Evryone in the palace grew quiet. The study didn't look as nice as it did before when Richard took care of it. His room was always emptied. No one really smiled. Not even the queen. Matthew became depressed again. You would hear yourself so often blaming himself for ever meeting Lily. You, Mary and the queen's tea time was now quiet. Mary never wanted to see or hear anything that involved with Richard. She would just break down crying. The palace didn't seem like itself any more.
  3. You see Jacob sometimes playing around with the chess table. He always had it the same way. It was the last game that they played together. He played his pieces the same way and play's Richard's the same way. He would say the same thing he did when he thought he got his younger brother. "Ha! Check mate!" he tried to say cheerfully, and he would sit in the other chair and say "I belive that it is I who should be saying check mate." he moves the bishop in front of the Jacob's king. Jacob sat in his seat again and did a sigh and knocked it down jis king. It always ended the same. Jacob haveing his hand in his right hand crying. Or it might be when Richard said check mate he would start crying. You feel empty with the study being quiet. It was always quiet when Richard was there but it just lost it's magic. It lost it's libarian to take care of it. You would come in sometimes to try and find a poetry book but you always get lost.
  4. Two weeks pasted since the funeral. You see Matthew sitting down on his bed. He looked just like the first day you met him. You walked in and closed the door behind you. He doesn't move. "Matthew please don't stay to yourself again!" You say. "Its my fault. If I never met Lily then this would have never happened...." he said. You couldn't stand it any more. You sat next to him and hugged him. "Its not your fault. You never knew...." You said. "It is my fault. All this time I ignored my brother over some girl....and when I was first with this girl and he warned me about who she was....I never belived him...." He said. You pull his head towords yours so he can look you in the eye. "It never was your fault....never...." you whispered. Then you kissed him on the lips. He brought you closer. You kiss for a while and pulled away to look at each other. He hugged you and said "Please don't leave me _____....never leave me..." as he said the words he hugged you tighter. You hugged him and said "I'll never leave you...." Then you go back to kissing. After a while you stop. You kis him on the cheek and leave.
  5. You go to your daily tea time with the queen. Mary wasn't there today. She was walking around town doing some errands. You drank tea in silence. Queen Jasmine finally broke the two week silence " does it go?". You take a sip and say "It goes good." "I see your three gem necklace is missing one." she said looking at the place where the yellow gem use to be. "Yeah I guess it was loose and fell out." Even though you told everyone what you saw and did you never mentioned the part when you saw the smalls balls of lights and the stranging being with a white glow. "Or maybe it turned to dust?" The queen said. You got shocked at what she said that you almost choked on your tea. "Thats what happened didn't it?" The queen said.
  6. "How-" you were about to say when the queen said "I didn't just want you to come here to marry my sons you know. I found out about the story about that necklace. When I saw you every year you turned out just like the light being in the story. Now I'm sure. You know that small yellow rose that grew in the same place at the same time every year? That was part of Richard. Like his spirit. It was yellow like your gem there. You see I looked more into the details of the story. There are three types of roses standing for each prince. One is yellow. Stnading for the quiet, smart and clever younger brother. Just like Richard. There is also red and blue. The red one belonged to the happy, cheerful funny brother. The blue belonged to the depressed, mysterious brother. Like the three gems. You see in the story they talk about how a dark being took form of a human brother and ruined the three brothers to lure them into a trap. But she leaves unsuccesful. Then she plans to come back and a being of light comes and helps them all. She falls in love with them all and gains powers from each of them finding their true love even though she loves them. The three gems holds the power that she gets from each brother. Once she has them all she can defeat the evil being. Destorying herself as well..."
  7. "And you belive that light being is me?" You say. "I don't think. I know. Do you have any weird visions on how things happened or looked into the past by touching something. Or did you see small balls of light showing a person's soul? When you saw Richard die did you feel a type of pain? Did a thing of light glow from it and it turned to dust?" The queen said. "All of those happened to me." You admitt. "Then you are the light being...."
  8. "What do I do if I'm the light being? I one of my powers gone would I be weaker?" You say. The queen finishes her cup of tea and says "I don't know any more then what I told you. I must be going now." She leaves you. You walk around the garden thinking "If I'm the light being then that means I have to find Matthew's and Jacob's true love. Then that means that I'm not either of their true love. I love them all to death. I feel so torn. Jacob's nice warm hand and his gentle kiss. Also Matthew's tight hug and sweet sweet kiss. I love them and I can't have them. What do I do? If one of my powers are gone then that means theres a less likey chance that I would beat Lily. What if I fail?" More and more questions go on in your head. You then see a small, glowing, floating yellow orb in the garden. You walk to it and it moves away. You turn around to leave but it pops up right in front of you and moves to the steps to the inside of the palace. Like It wanted you to follow it. You do and it leads you to the study. It then floats in the center for a while so you can catch up. When you do it disappears. Your look around and the ceiling rises as high as it goes reveling the three extra floors. You climb to the top and look a round. A book shelf moves forward and moves to the side. Right where the book Lily sto;e use to be. You look at it closely and see a small little door. You open it and enter into the unknown.
  9. You poke your head out and see the little orb. It moves forward and you enter a small room. Theres a plateform and a couple of books and paper and ink. There is also glasses. The little orb stops and then turns into a faded image of Richard......
  10. Hi! End of part 7! Hope you enjoyed it and part 8 will be out!

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